Farlon UCC Desktop replaces Cisco Agent Desktop in contact centers all over the world

Using Farlon UCC Desktop your agents can continue working like they are used to and leverage the skills they already have. Farlon UCC Desktop can co-exist with Cisco Finesse and you can even have Finesse gadgets embedded into the Farlon UCC Desktop.

With a beautiful and responsive UI modeled on the Microsoft Office Applications, users have no trouble navigating the Farlon UCC Desktop. Your agents will be more productive again in no time.

Farlon UCC Desktop is so much more!

  • Tool buttons
  • Built in web browser
  • Phone book with 50+ fields to store data.
  • Maps
  • Built in Finesse gadgets
  • Built in Cisco Reskilling
  • Built in Cisco Reporting
  • Automation using workflows, 30+ events and 80+ actions.

Who can benefit from using Farlon UCC Desktop?

  • CAD users that just want to continue working as they are used to.
  • CAD customers that are not yet ready or able to migrate to Finesse.
  • CAD customers that don’t want to switch all agents to Finesse due to performance requirements.
  • Finesse customers that want to boost call handling performance.
  • UCC users that need simple and stable agent desktop software.


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Modern UI
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 Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 available here.




Work just like you are used to Standard Premium

When comparing Farlon UCC Desktop and Cisco Agent Desktop, the buttons have different icons, but they are all there.

Your agents will be able to use Farlon UCC Desktop just like they are used to with Cisco Agent Desktop.

The same keyboard shortcuts are used.



Agent & Queue Statistics Standard Premium

Farlon UCC Desktop offer you real time queue and agent information

Follow queue performance, or your own performance data as an agent.



Agent Tools Premium

Special tool buttons can be configured for groups of users. These buttons can open web pages, start applications and open documents to name a few.



Integrated web browser Premium

The built-in web browser displays specific intranet and internet web pages relevant for your call handling work.

Buttons can be configured that opens specific internet or intranet pages. Values form a call, phone book entry etc. can be interted into the web address before opening the web page.



Employee Directory Premium

If you require more information in your phone book, than just name, phone number and description, Farlon UCC Desktop is there for you.

With 47 fixed; and 10 user defined fields, there is plenty of room for your data. Farlon UCC Desktop supports more than 50 thousand records.

Phone book data can be imported from:

  • Cisco Finesse
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Lotus Notes
  • XML Files
  • Comma separated files
  • SQL Databases using Open Database Connectivity

From within the phone book you can dial, transfer, open web pages and send email messages.



Finesse inside Premium

You don't have to choose between a Windows based Agent Desktop, or Cisco Finesse. You can have both!.

Farlon UCC Desktop is in itself a specialized Finesse Web Browser application. This means that you can use your existing Finesse solution without the shortcomings and restrictions of the web browser.

Keyboard shortcuts, Window pop to front, and a great number of extra workflow options are now available to your agents. 3rd Party integrations and gadgets will also be available here.

We have taken the gadgets, and integrated them into Farlon UCC Desktop. Finesse tabs have been moved up into the Ribbon, and can now be activated with keyboard shortcuts.



Supervisor Agent Reskilling Premium

Supervisors can access Cisco's reskilling tool from within Farlon UCC Desktop.

Farlon UCC Desktop will automatically sign you in.



Supervisor Cisco Reporting Premium

Supervisors can also access Cisco's Reporting web site from within Farlon UCC Desktop.

Farlon UCC Desktop will automatically sign you in.



Maps Premium

Show locations associated with phone book entries or use workflows to show caller location on a map.

Map data is delivered by Bing and requires access key from Microsoft.



Workflows Premium

An extensive number of actions can be taken when telephony events occurs. This enables the application to integrate to other applications and look up data when a call is answered.

Themes Standard Premium

This application has a variety of themes and customizations to let you add that personal touch to your Farlon UCC Desktop.