Premium Subscription Plan.

With a Premium subscription plan you get bunch of extra features that will really enable you to integrate your Agent Desktop with your existing applications.

The Premium version has a built in Web Browser and a full feature Workflow Engine to automate other applications.

See below for a comparison between the Free Standard version and the Premium Version.


Calculate your Premium Subscription price
Enter the number of concurrent Premium agents required:
Total price if paid monthly 45 EUR
Price per agent per month 9 EUR
Total price if paid yearly 495 EUR
Price per agent per year 99 EUR

By paying yearly you save an additional 45 EUR per year.
Total discount 8.33 %


To start a trial or order the Premium version, please install the Free Standard version first. You can then Log in to change your subscription to Premium.

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Cost 100% Free Paid
Agent Login/Logout
Make call
Answer/Hang up call
Hold/Retrieve call
Transfer call
Conference call
Alternate call
Reconnect call
Outbound calls (Call backs)
Auto answer call
Touch tones
Supervisor assist
Report bad call
Remenber login password
Select logout reason
Select not ready reason
Select wrap up texts
Queue statistics
Agent statistics
Keyboard shortcuts
Call log
Tool buttons
Built in Web browser
Built in phone book
Built in Maps
Built in Finesse
Built in Cisco Reskilling
Built in Cisco Reporting
Work flow engine
User defined logo
Forum access
Email support Standard Priority