An alternative or supplement to Cisco Finesse for UCCE or UCCX

Are you looking for an alternative or supplement to Cisco Finesse for UCCE or UCCX?

Are you having challenges with migration from Cisco Agent Desktop to Cisco Finesse?

Right now, Cisco tells us that Finesse is the only way to go for owners of Cisco Unified Contact Center solutions.

Cisco Finesse is a great and versatile Agent Desktop application, however this platform also dictates how the technology is used from an agents perspective.

The browser that displays the Finesse pages imposes heavy restrictions on how the agent can operate the application efficiently.

There are several issues but the most pressing one, is the lack of available keyboard shortcuts, that can be assigned to Finesse functions. Therefore agents are forced to use the mouse, for all Finesse functions and navigations. This is taxing on the agents and reduce the overall efficiency of the call center.

Summary of current Finesse migration challenges

  • Extensive user training required to be effective on the new Finesse web platform.
  • Many still use XP Windows computers that are not compatible with Finesse.
  • CAD functionality is still missing and have to be added by expensive 3rd party gadgets.
  • No keyboard support for common task like answering the phone call etc.
  • Pop to front is not available when something requires the agents attention.
  • Technical problems with browser security and certificates.
  • Very limited workflow options to automate call handling.
  • Added call handling time that can hurt your contact center effectiveness.

Using Farlon UCC Desktop your agents can continue working like they are used to and leverage the skills they already have. Farlon UCC Desktop can co-exist with Cisco Finesse and you can even have Finesse gadgets embedded into the Farlon UCC Desktop.

With a beautiful and responsive UI modeled on the Microsoft Office Applications, users have no trouble navigating the Farlon UCC Desktop. Your agents will be more productive again in no time.



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 Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 available here.